Neuro-endoscopy surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique that involves introducing an endoscope into the brain or spine. It allows illumination and inspection of angles in hidden parts of the surgical field. It enables clear visualization of anatomical structures. Depending on the location of the tumor in the brain, an endoscope can be inserted in the body-

Risks of Neuro Endoscopy

Neuro-endoscopy for hydrocephalus is a relatively a safe procedure but still have some complications associated with it. Some of them are mentioned below-

When is Neuro Endoscopy recommended?

A neuro endoscopy enables the Neurosurgeon to reach the areas of the brain that are not accessible with traditional surgery procedures.

Brain tumors that can be treated via minimally invasive surgical procedures include-

What to expect during a Neuro Endoscopy procedure?

You will be advised to have a night stay at the hospital after your Neuro-endoscopy procedure. A neuro-endoscopy treatment procedure is done via a small tool known as an endoscope. An endoscope is a tool that has a high-resolution camera that allows the neurosurgeon to locate and access the brain tumor. During an endoscopic endonasal approach, the neurosurgeon will insert an endoscopy through your nasal cavity to reach the brain tumor. To remove the tumor or obtain a sample of the tissue of the affected area for the brain biopsy, the surgeon for neuroendoscopy will attach the surgical instrument to the end of the endoscope. The surgeon will manipulate the instrument to remove the tumor from the brain.

Recovery from Neuro Endoscopy

Before leaving the hospital for home, your doctor will provide your discharge instructions in detail. Some of them include-
Most of the patients experience a smooth recovery and live a better-quality life after going through Neuro-endoscopy.

Benefits of Neuro Endoscopy over the traditional surgery

There are numerous benefits of Neuro-endoscopy over traditional surgery and they are described as follows-
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