Endoscopic Pituitary Surgeries

Endoscopic pituitary surgery is a procedure for removal of pituitary tumors. The pituitary gland is located at the bottom of your brain and above the nose. The Endoscopic pituitary surgery is also known as transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery. Transsphenoidal means through the sphenoidal sinus. The head has normal air sinuses which are bony space filled with air and hence these spaces form a corridor for brain surgeries. This surgery is done with the help of an endoscope, a thin, rigid tube with a microscope, light, and camera built into it. The camera in the endoscope lets the surgeon see the exact position where the tumor is present. In this surgical procedure, rather than opening up the skull, the endoscopic surgeon reaches the tumor through the nasal passage and the sphenoid sinus. It is a less-invasive procedure that allows the neurosurgeon to avoid important brain structures. There is no visible scar left, which minimizes the risks of complications, and facilities fast healing.

Need for Endoscopic Pituitary surgery

Endoscopic Pituitary gland tumor surgery is done to treat certain tumors that grow in the pituitary gland. Some of such tumors are-
Hormone-secreting tumor
The growth of such tumors secretes hormones that travel through the blood.
Nonhormone-secreting tumors
They are also known as endocrine inactive pituitary adenomas and are treated by surgery as their growth can lead to headaches and visual disturbances.

Risks of Endoscopic Pituitary surgery

Endoscopic pituitary gland tumor surgery is a safe procedure but like all other surgical procedures, it has some risks and complications which may include-
There can be other risks depending on the specific medical condition of the patient and should be discussed with the doctor.

Post operative recovery:

After the surgery, the patient is advised to stay in the hospital for 3-5 days under observation and the post-operation care involves-

If you have been diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, then get a second opinion  from another Neurosurgeon in Dubai to understand the risks associated with such surgeries and to learn about expected post operative outcomes.


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