Which Doctor Is Best For The Spine? - Dr Arun Rajeswaran

Which Doctor Is Best For The Spine? – Dr Arun Rajeswaran

Our spine is like our body’s backbone, helping us stand straight. But if the neck or spine is bent or squished, it can create spine issues like spinal stenosis, spine tumors, and other problems. These conditions are not often treated on their own; instead, they require a proper medical specialist for effective care. Neuro spine surgeons are often the best doctors for spine health, and they have the proper knowledge to treat the nervous system. This article may help you to understand why neuro spine surgeons are the best choice for diagnosing and treating spine issues.

Considering spine treatment, consult our best spine specialist in Dubai to get the right advice

The Role of Neurosurgeons in Spine Health

Neurosurgeons usually diagnose and treat conditions related to the brain, spine, and other parts of your nervous system. As far as the neck goes, neurosurgeons treat all parts of the spine. Neurosurgery subspecialties let these doctors treat a wide range of common head and neck injuries, as well as slightly invasive procedures on the spine and skull base.

1. Expertise in the Nervous System

This point we can understand through the nervous system neurosurgeons are the best doctors for spine health because of their in-depth understanding of the nervous system. They can treat the minimum part of the nerve system. The nervous system is closely linked to the spine, and any issue affecting the spine can make the body’s functioning worse.

2. Comprehensive Diagnosis

Neurosurgeons are like expert detectives for your spine issues. No matter if it’s annoying back pain, a wonky spine shape, or something more tricky, they can figure out what’s wrong. They do this by checking your body and using special pictures like MRIs and CT scans. 

3. Surgical Expertise

They have been trained to do complicated surgeries on the spine, like removing tumors from the spinal cord, fusing the spine together, and fixing a damaged disc. Their surgical skill and knowledge are very important for getting good results in tough cases.

Common Spine Conditions Treated by Neurosurgeons

Our best spine specialist in Dubai can manage a wide range of spine-related conditions. Here are some common problems they often address:

1. Herniated Discs:

Imagine the soft discs between your spine bones are like cushions. Sometimes, they can get squished and press on the nerves, making you hurt. Neurosurgeons are like the fix-it crew; they can do surgery to take out or mend these herniated discs so your nerves aren’t bothered anymore.

2. Spinal Tumors:

Sometimes, lumps or growths can show up in your spinal cord, and they can be good or bad. Neurosurgeons are the experts in dealing with them. They do surgery to take out these lumps, but they’re careful to keep your healthy bits safe. It’s like they’re the protectors of your spine!

3. Spinal Stenosis:

Spinal stenosis is a condition when your spinal canal gets too tight and squeezes your spinal cord and nerves. They do special procedures to make more room and take away that pressure so your spine can work like it’s supposed to. It’s like giving your spine some breathing space!

4. Spinal Trauma:

When your spine gets hurt, like with broken bones or moving out of place, it’s pretty serious. Neurosurgeons can do quick surgeries to keep things steady and stop more harm to your spinal cord. It’s like giving your spine a safety net to heal.

5. Degenerative Spine Conditions:

Neurosurgeons can deal with every spine issue, like spondylosis or disc issues, with different kinds of surgery. It’s like they have a toolkit to fix your spine and make it feel better.

Collaboration with Other Specialists

Actually, for patients’ better care, treatment, and recovery, neurosurgeons usually collaborate with other healthcare professionals as well. Physical therapists, pain management specialists, and rehabilitation doctors all play a very important role in spine surgery. This collaboration makes the treatment easy for spine patients and provides them with proper recovery after the surgery.

When To Consult A Neuro Spine Surgeon

If you’re dealing with persistent back pain, numbness or weakness in your limbs, issues controlling your bladder or bowels, unusual spine shapes, or have experienced spinal injuries, it’s time to consult a neuro spine surgeon for the right care. 

If you also feel any of these symptoms, you can consult with our best spine specialist in Dubai. They’ll give you a thorough check-up and create a treatment plan just for your situation.

Best Spine Specialist In Dubai

When it comes to taking care of your spine, our neurosurgeons are the top experts. They really know the nervous system and can diagnose problems really well. They’re great at doing spine surgeries, too. So, if you are facing herniated discs, spinal tumors, spinal stenosis, or any other spine issues, Neurosurgeon  can give you the best care. 

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