Lumbar Disc Replacement Surgery

Lumbar disc replacement surgery is alternative to  spine fusion surgery. In this disc replacement surgery, the degenerative or damaged disc is replaced with an artificial disc made up of metal or a combination of metal and plastic. The cushion-like discs provide support to the spine. This lumbar disc replacement surgery aims to relieve back pain while maintaining as much normal motion as possible compared to other surgical procedures.

Advantages of the Lumbar disc replacement surgery  

There are various advantages of Lumbar disc Replacement surgery over spine fusions.

The treatment procedure of the Lumbar disc replacement surgery

The procedure is usually done by a spine surgeon and an access surgeon who exposes the spine and hands over to the spine surgeon. A 2–3-inch incision is made with the X-ray fluoroscope on the front side of the belly. The location of the damaged disc is analyzed. After locating the damaged disc, the access surgeon exposes the involved level of the spine by carefully dissecting bowels away from the operative field. Then, the lumbar disc replacement surgeon removes the disc and inserts an artificial disc. The surgery lasts for around 2-3 hours.

The post-operation hospital stay is around 3-4 days.

Risks of the Lumbar Disc Replacement surgery 

A lumbar disc replacement surgery requires more access to the spine as compared to other fusion surgeries and the risks involved are.

If you have been advised to go undergo a lumbar disc replacement surgery, then get a second opinion from another Neurosurgeon in Dubai  to explore all the other possible treatment options.

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