Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Peripheral nerve surgery is a surgical procedure used to minimize pain and disability in people with peripheral nerve disorders which may include acute nerve injuries, nerve sheath tumors, and entrapment neuropathies. The surgery involves the healthy nerves taking over the function of damaged nerves caused by injury, disease, or any such condition. Common symptoms of peripheral nerve injury are chronic pain or numbness.

Conditions that can be treated by Peripheral Nerve surgery

Most peripheral nerve disorders occur due to entrapment of the nerve where the nerves get trapped or compressed by neighboring shortened or thickened tendons, ligaments, or other support structures. Peripheral nerve surgery can be used to treat different injuries, diseases, or other conditions which may include-

Peripheral nerve surgeries to treat nerve disorders

Patients who suffer from peripheral nerve disorders experience chronic pain and numbness. Initially, non-surgical treatment options like medications and therapy are advised and when these non-surgical options are unsuccessful, surgery is recommended to the patient. The peripheral nerve treatment comprises various treatment techniques which include-

If you are suffering from peripheral nerve disorders and have been advised to undergo peripheral nerve surgery then get a second opinion from a neurosurgeon.

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