Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery

Cervical spine fusion surgery is the surgical procedure to fuse two or more vertebrates into a single structure that restricts motion between them. Spinal fusion is a permanent procedure that corrects deformities or reduces pain and the cervical spine fusion surgeon may recommend undergoing the cervical spine fusion surgery if the patient is suffering with-

The types of Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery

The cervical spine can be fused by one of the following techniques
Anterior cervical fusion techniques like anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion, etc.,
Posterior fusion techniques like, lateral mass fusion, sublaminar wire fusion, occipital-cervical fusion, C1-C2 fusion,
The most commonly performed cervical fusion technique is anterior cervical discectomy and fusion followed by posterior lateral mass cervical fusion.

Complications of Cervical Spine Fusion surgery

Like all the surgeries, there are some risks associated with Cervical spine fusion surgery which may include-
The patient is advised to stay for around 1-3 days after anterior cervical surgeries and little longer for posterior cervical surgeries as posterior surgeries involve muscle dissection and hence more post operative pain. It can also take a few months (3-6 months in most cases) for the affected bones to heal and completely fuse together. Physical therapy will be advised after 1-2 weeks from the surgery and help restoring normal movements of the spine.

If you have been recommended to undergo Cervical spine fusion surgery, then get a second opinion from another neurosurgeon to understand other treatment options available and the risks associated with operations.  

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