Lumbar Canal Stenosis

The spinal nerves run through the spinal canal before they exit the spine and become peripheral nerve. Five lumbar vertebrae connect the upper spine to your pelvis. Lumbar canal stenosis is a condition in which the lumbar spinal canal is narrowed through a variety of problems like, thickened ligament, disc prolapse or increased size of facet joint. As a result, the spinal nerves in the lumbar canal are compressed leading to various symptoms. If you have Lumbar Canal Stenosis, you may have difficulty walking and feel severe pain in legs.

Causes of Lumbar Canal Stenosis

The most common cause of Lumbar Canal Stenosis is the gradual wear and tear of the joints and discs that happens with time. It usually affects people older than 40 years and is mostly seen in women.
Other conditions and circumstances that can cause Spinal stenosis is-

Symptoms of the Lumbar Canal Stenosis

Early Lumbar Canal Stenosis has no symptoms but the symptoms develop gradually over a period of time. Symptoms may include-
The symptoms typically increase on walking for a while and gets relieved by sitting or bending forward.

Sometimes pressure on nerves in the lumbar region can lead to more serious issue which is known as cauda equine syndrome. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult a Neurosurgeon in Dubai for further treatment

Lumbar spinal canal Stenosis diagnosis

Diagnosis made through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan but you may need additional scans for lumbar canal stenosis surgery.

CT scan and X-rays of your lumbar spine may show bone growths called spurs that push the spinal nerves or lead to the narrowing of the spinal cord.

Other studies- A bone scan, myelogram, and EMG (an electrical test of muscle activity) may be required as clinically indicated.

How is Lumbar Canal Stenosis Treated?

Physical therapy helps to strengthen your back, and leg muscles.
Medicines- Medicines include anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant drugs that relieve pain and swelling, and Local steroidal injections that reduce swelling.

When there is severe canal stenosis or when the medical treatment and physiotherapy are not improving your pain, you may need to undergo Spine surgery.

If you have been diagnosed to have lumbar canal stenosis and have been advised surgery,  Consult a Spine Surgeon in Dubai  from a surgeon for lumbar canal stenosis to explore all the treatment options.

Here are some ways to keep your spine healthy

Get regular back strengthening exercises- Exercises strengthen the muscles that support the lower back and maintain your spine flexible. Aerobic exercises including cycling, walking, and most importantly swimming is all good for your back.

Maintains good posture- learn how to sit and stand properly.

Maintain a healthy weight- excess weight put excessive stress on your back and can lead to lumbar spinal stenosis.

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